Tiger Rack

Tiger Rack shelving from Doity is our flexible storage and racking system. It satisfies all European Hygiene and Safety standards, combining strength and ultimate cleanliness. Its unique design matches the requirements of our clients in hotels, restaurants, laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, food retailing, food processing and much more.

Hygienic Display & Storage

Tiger Rack is made from refined Polypropylene with a steel core for extra strength. The Polypropylene outer covering is impervious to dirt and resistant to most chemicals. The product complies with the latest HACCP regulations confirming a quality product.

Stable & Strong Storage

The unique self-stabilising connections on the frame posts make Tiger Rack the safest and strongest commercial shelving and eliminate the need for cross stays. Each shelf has a 150Kg UDL capacity. Therefore, a standard four-shelf unit has a capacity of 600Kg UDL.

Tiger Rack is easy to assemble using a mallet, there is no requirement for nuts or bolts which facilitates dismantling for easy cleaning.

A Versatile & Flexible Storage Solution

Tiger Rack is available in four heights, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, and 1800mm. Twelve lengths from 680mm to 1780mm in 100mm increments, and four depths, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm.

Tiger Rack is also available as mobile shelving with easily mountable castors, two braked and two unbraked to each unit.

The units are ideal for walk-in-freezers and cold rooms, withstanding temperatures down to -38°C and are completely rustproof and scratch-resistant.

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