Mezzanine floor in a retail space

Anyone that is remotely familiar with mezzanine floor systems may simply view these storage platforms as a space to store rubbish and to maximise space within a warehouse. The simple fact of the matter, however, is that these floor spaces have a rich and intriguing history, one that has been immersed in many cultures over many decades. Doity Engineering Ltd are the sole manufacturer of modular mezzanine Revlok Mezzanines, an LABC certificated mezzanine floor with plenty of successes to boot! Read more

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Recently installed mezzanine floor

The Benefits of Storage Platforms

As any business grows and expands, company owners are faced with an array of obstacles and speed bumps of varying sizes. To cope with the increase in size, however, certain things can be done to help accommodate this expansion and make life a little easier. Mezzanine storage platforms are a practical and efficient way of maximising the space of an existing commercial property, but what else are they good for. In our latest blog post, we explain the many benefits of storage platforms. Read more

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