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Mezzanine Floor Installation Throughout The UK

For years, mezzanine floors have been recognised as an excellent way of creating additional space in a variety of settings, but particularly in warehouses. At Doity Engineering, we design, manufacture and install modular mezzanine floors across the UK. Our modular mezzanines are designed to provide optimal space increases, with maximum load-capacity, in a fast and cost-effective way. 

Revlok Mezzanine Floors Construction

We aren’t just another mezzanine company. Our experienced team have developed the UK’s only modular mezzanine floor with LABC certification, the Revlok Mezzanine. The expertise at our disposal means that we are perfectly placed to offer a truly bespoke mezzanine design and construction that perfectly meets the needs of your warehouse. Although commonly used as storage platforms, Revlok mezzanines are perfect to create additional walkways, staircases, office space and more.


Doity Engineering Ltd has expanded the functional space of many warehouses by installing warehouse mezzanine floors using our own manufactured Revlok Mezzanine flooring.  As a semi-permanent structure, implementing a warehouse mezzanine floor system can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Our warehouse mezzanine floor installations are adaptable to client requirements and are designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by us, so we know your warehouse mezzanine floor will work for your individual needs through our end-to-end process. 

All warehouse mezzanine floor structures manufactured and supplied by Doity Engineering Ltd and Revlok Mezzanine Floor comply with the standards required for warehouse mezzanine floor construction.

Accredited Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers

At Doity Engineering Ltd, we are proud to be an accredited company and all of our mezzanine floors comply with the highest British Engineering Standards to ensure the product you are getting is of the highest quality.

As aforementioned, Revlok mezzanine floors are also the only LABC certified modular mezzanine floor in the UK. LABC certification denotes an accreditation at local and national council authority Levels and complies with the criteria for building regulation approvals for Revlok mezzanine constructions.


If you’d like to enquire further about a mezzanine floor for your warehouse, please get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering on 01706 646 971. Whether you’re looking to create more storage space or a functional office, we can help.

a premium mezzanine with many extra features

Mezzanine Floor Installation (DBN Audile)


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Mezzanine Flooring Installation


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Mezzanine Floor Installation (Mardix of Kendal)


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